Zeon Zoysia Install

If you are looking for a fine bladed warm season grass that is tolerant to drought and can withstand full sun to only 4 hours of sun, this is the grass for you. Untreated this grass has a almost chartreuse color to it but with care and fertilizer it offers much lush dark green appeal. Inquire about Zeon Zoysia today!

Backyard Transformation


This backyard was well over grown and hadn’t been used as a backyard in many years. We were able to remove some trees, overgrowth and prep the soil for sod. We cleaned up the existing natural areas with some pine straw to give it a completed look. It was a lot of work but the results were nothing short of Precision.

Retaining Wall in Holly Springs

More info to come on this awesome install!

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Leaves, Pruning, Mulch, Fertilizer and Bulbs.

I am sure you are all sick of leaves right now but keep it up! It will be over before you know it. Most of us would like to be maintaining our yard and keeping the leaves from getting out of control. We all get the best of it, like today. No matter how clean your yards were over the weekend or maybe you had time to do some clean up after work on Monday, it didn’t matter. Today’s rain and wind made the worst of our properties. We went through all of our Dunkin Donut locations Monday and Tuesday’s rain messed it all up, I am sure. Well, if you are overwhelmed let us know. If you are keeping it under control for yourself we appreciate your hard work. Here are some things to think about coming out of the gate for leaf season.

Once, all the leaves are done falling off the trees and cleaned up, spend time paying attention to details maintaining those hardy shrubs. I bet you know the ones I am talking about, they always seem to grow when you aren’t watching them. A lot of the Holly’s can grow runners of new growth, even after late summers hard pruning. If you were busy and let it go and you need some help with a overhaul we can give you a free quote! Also keep in mind to mow your Liriope at the highest setting you can go with your push mower. You can also grab as much of the bulk in one hand and prune it with the other. Most of your perennials should be slightly burned by the frost we have had so far. You can prune the Lantana down to ground level or whatever height specification you desire. At this point they will only start turning for the worse.

Next up, if you were thinking that some mulch could be in order for a nice look for your landscape throughout the holidays, this can be a good time to do it! Just don’t jump on it with leaves on the trees. With the seeding we did a month or 2 ago and green grass looking lush, a fresh coloring of mulch could be what will make your landscape thrive. Don’t worry if your leaves linger. For some sites it is best to mulch some time in the first quarter of the new season.

Thirdly, keep in mind to get that winter application of slow release nitrogen down late November or early December. This will help your turf survive a little of that winter burn. Especially if we are in for heavy frosts and some snow. This will also be key for getting into the ground when we get the first blast of warm weather in the spring. This past spring hit us by surprise late February-to early March. When this happens, make sure to have your mower ready.

And last up, if you were planning on any tulips or spring time bulbs we try to get them in the ground after thanksgiving and within the first 2 weeks of December. The only cautions in order if we are to get some rain and nights with freezing temps, it may be hard to dig for those bulbs. We would like those bulbs to be at a depth of at least 6″, if they are planted shallower they can start to grow premature and even bloom before the last frost.

If you need help with any of this feel free to contact us!


Precision Edge Landscaping
Brian Dietz(Co-Owner)

Stupid Possum Taking A Swim

Sometimes there are jobs at PEL that extend past the duties of Landscaping. We would just rather handle this properly before the home owner felt obligated to after we had been to the job and seen this hideous creature like this. Of course we let them know so they can add the proper chemicals to remedy this.