Some past projects... start to finish

Beautiful New Lawn

No matter the job at hand we can take your old yard and transform it into a new lawn with lush green look and curb appeal.

In the photos provide we removed stump grindings, re-graded adding top dressing, limed with start fertilizer, raked out smooth to perfection and laid beautiful Zoysia.

The owners are in love with the new look!

Deck Patio

Need a more appropriate landing off of your deck or porch?

At this customer's house a beautiful new deck was not complete without one of our Precision exclusive patios.

Backyard transformation!

Is your deck or existing patio not enough for your outdoor use? Let us create an outdoor living space that supports the lifestyle that fits you and also supplies your needs for outdoor entertainment.

Lawn to match pool

Allow us to add the green factor to your yard. This doesn’t mean you need to sod from fence to fence but allow us to create the yard that makes your home feel more homey.

Have pets? Sod and mulch keeps the mud from the pets feet while giving you the lawn you can enjoy.

Veneer Walls

We like installing Veneer walls. It can add the magic touch for magnificent curb appeal. Whether it is added to either side of your driveway to dress up that plain culvert or to hold back a slope to give you more flat ground.