Services we offer


With over 10 years in lawn maintenance, we know what it takes to make a yard stand out.

We offer our services as requested or on a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly schedule looking to bring the very best out of your yard.

Services range from evenly cutting and trimming the entire yard, adjusting leaky irrigation, cleaning up the hedges, to getting those stubborn weeds hidden behind shrubbery. We take care of it all.

Corporate Real Estate

We like fine tuning or "going big" with our commercial companies. After a while we all get sick of our day to day routines.

Keeping the business place looking fresh and enhancing its image not only communicates success and professionalism, it also helps make it look more enjoyable.


One of our specialities is creating a outdoor living space that allows customers to get the most out of their property.

Whether it is a retaining wall to extend a yard on a more level grade or creating a comfortable/beautiful hard surface for outdoor living, we can create that so you can get the most out of your property.

Flower Gardens

Spring & Fall is our favorite time of the season when it comes to the new annual and perennial flowers. We put pride into each one of our flower gardens.

Not only do we install them but we can also maintain them so they can look amazing during their entire flowering season.


Mulching your yard can be one of the biggest transformations you can experience. Its all about taking the old and making it look fresh and new again.

Contact us today about the best mulch for your landscape at the correct consistency providing you with the right price.

New Sod Installation

New turf is one endeavor we have performed the longest at PEL. With experience and research, we have found the best quality turf while also making it affordable iand long lasting for our customers.

There is nothing more rewarding then removing the old turf, installing the new lawn, and seeing it come to life totally remaking the look of the property.

Spring/Fall Cleanup

Sometimes a good cleanup can be just what your yard needs whether it is from winter damage or getting up those leaves. We do it all.

Allow us to take your over grown shrubs and shape them into a new fresh look. Sometimes after a growth spurt it can feel overwhelming to get those trees and shrubs back to normal.

We follow strict guidelines on what should be hand pruned and what can be sheared.


We typically perform aerating and seeding in September/October. This depends on the temperatures of the season. Cooler nights can put a damper on seed germination and even frost can a huge prevention. Please contact us today with any questions and free quotes. We offer special pricing on Aerating, Seeding and Start Fertilizer applications. So get on our schedule today!

Snow Removal

We all know how our winters seem to sneak up on us. The question is, “Is your parking lot, pathways, or driveway ready for the next snow fall?” We specialize in pre-treatment, storm maintenance, and final cleanup of snow and ice.

Irrigation Install & Repair

At PEL we have learned and obtained many years of experience with irrigation install and repair. Our annual services are as simple as Set Up, Winterization, Troubleshooting and Valve Specialization(Repair & Replacement).

If you need to fix a leak or gushing water fall feel free to let us take care of it for you. Even if it is a small addition to your current system, all these services are made easy by us.